Social Justice/La justicia social

Social justice is both an attitude and a practical response based on the principle that everyone should look at another person as another self.  It is also a virtue that directs all the other virtues of individuals toward the common good.  Civil laws can partially help to eliminate fears, prejudices, and attitudes of pride and selfishness that cause injustice, but an inner spiritual conversion is also needed.  Solidarity with others at every level is a way of accomplishing this.

United States Catholic Catechism for Adults 326.

La justicia social es tanto una actitud como una respuesta práctica basadas en el principio que establece que cada uno debe considerar al prójimo como “otro yo”. También es una virtud que dirige todas las demás virtudes de los individuos hacia el bien común. Las leyes civiles pueden ayudar parcialmente a eliminar los miedos, los prejuicios y las actitudes de soberbia y egoísmo que causan la injusticia, pero también se necesita una conversión espiritual interna.  La solidaridad con los demás en todos los niveles es una forma de conseguir esto.

Catecismo Católico de los Estados Unidos para los Adultos 346-347.

Loaves and Fishes/Panes y Peces

Almost every Saturday for the past 27 years, the ancient miracle of the “multiplication of the loaves and fishes” is being re-enacted right here at St. Joseph parish!  Though Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen was originally begun in 1986 by a handful of St. Joseph parishioners, today volunteers from throughout Orange County make the kitchen hum and bubble as they serve delicious meals and a healthy dose of friendship to as many as 800-900 homeless or needy men, women and children.  Over the years L&F has grown from a humble soup kitchen to a sort of multi-faceted community center, offering everything from medical care, bags of groceries, haircuts, children’s crafts and activities, and English classes – all at no charge to our “guests.”  Our motto “a guest comes, Christ comes” sets the bar high for hospitality, as we strive to recognize him in the “least of our brothers and sisters.”  We warmly invite St. Joseph parishioners to join us any Saturday in bringing Christ’s tender, healing love to those living on the streets and margins.

For more information, please call Maria Dzida at (714) 241-9016.